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O-CYMEN-5-OL What it is O-Cymen-5-OL is a crystal synthetically made in a lab. What it does O-Cymen-5-OL is a preservative that prevents harmful fungi and bacteria from growing in our cosmetic products. It’s also used as a biocide, a fancy way to say it helps cleanse skin and prevent bad odor by destroying the microorganisms […]

IPMP function and usage Function:  inflammation sterilization,anti-bacterial,antioxidant, antiseptic /preservative, deodorant  Cosmetic  1>洗面奶 facial cleanser, face wash, anti-oil facial cleaner, oil controlling cream, acne treatment facial cleanser 2>面霜,防晒霜 face cream, sunscreen cream 3)香水 perfume 4)洗发水,护发素。Hair shampoo, hair product 5) 口红,唇膏 lipstick :杀菌,延长保质期 6) 湿巾 wipes  : 7)除臭剂 deodorant spray& odor control Pharmaceuticals industry 1)牙膏 toothpaste; 2) 口腔消毒和漱口水肛门消毒oral care , mouthwash   3)可用于外部消毒器或消毒剂(包括手部消毒剂),口服消毒剂、头发滋补品,嫩药物,牙膏,洗手液等 can be used for external sterilizer or disinfectant (including hand disinfectant), oral disinfectant, hair tonic, medicine, toothpaste, hand washing etc 4)洗手液 hand washing (function: anti-bacterial) Industry:   空气清新剂,空调滤芯清新剂  Air freshener as disinfectant in room, clothes; Refreshing agent of air-condition 管道,工程塑料防腐剂:As the Preservative in Engineering plastic

Happy Spring Festival Welcome to my website! Thanks~ Our Spring Festival is coming soon and we will have one long holiday.haa~ Our holiday will start on Feb 05 and finish Feb 14,2016~ Happy Chinese New Year~~~~~!!!!!!!!   During this period,if you have urgent thing,pls contact with me freely. Here is my contact information: Mobile   […]

4-Isopeopyl-3-Methylphenol Characteristic and usage  Cas3228-02-2 3-methyl-4-isopropylphenol,4-isopropyl-3-methylphenol,4-isopropyl-m-cresol, biosal (antibacterial), ipmp, o-cymen-5-ol, isopropyl cresols, p-thymol Characteristic: a) Almost odorless, slight astringency, suitable for cosmetic b) No irritation to skin, will not cause anaphylaxis when concentration is below 2% c) Extensive sterilization, effective to various kinds of bacterium, saccharomycetes, fungus and virus. d) UV absorption and oxidation resistance, absorbing […]

Attend PCHI Mar 01-03,2016 in Shanghai Zhonglan Industry Co.,Ltd is one professional personal care materials manufacturer. Our main products are IPMP (also called O-cymen-5-Ol cas3228-02-2), Glycolic Acid cosmetic grade, Triclosan,PCMX,DCMX ect. If you find this news now and are interested in these products, pls contact me freely. Contact: My mobile phone is +86-18615699120 Skype is […]

What is o-Cymen-5-ol? You can find the content O-cymen-5-ol in some top grade cosmetic. So what is O-cymen-5-ol? Or we can say Cresols are methylphenol compounds which are naturally occuring or synthetic. For example, Thymol, also called isopropyl-m-cresol, thyme camphor or thymic acid, is obtained from the essential oil of the herb thyme, Thymus vulgaris. It is also produced […]

Isopropyl Methylphenol is one important isocresol ingredients are used as cosmetic biocides/preservatives and/or fragrance ingredients.its functions are anti-bacteria,anti-inflammation, Anti-ache, antiseptic. It can replace triclosan completely. We are manufacturer of isopropyl methylphenol in China. Our capacity is 180mt/year. Its mainly function is Anti-bacteria,anti-inflammation and anti-ache. And it can replace the triclosan(TCS),PCMX completely.It has so many usage as follows: 1)Cosmetic: As Antiseptic,anti-bacterial,acne,stabilizer usage in facial […]

History of Zhonglan Industry May. 1996 Zhonglan chemical was founded with hydroxy Tempo.   June. 2000 set up Research and development department for other fine chemicals .   Sep. 2001 set up 8000MT/year triclosan mainly used in personal care products.   May. 2003 begin to set foot in PCMX.   Jun. 2005 set up 5000MT glycolic acid production line .   […]