09Oct 2015

History of Zhonglan Industry

May. 1996 Zhonglan chemical was founded with hydroxy Tempo.


June. 2000 set up Research and development department for other fine chemicals .


Sep. 2001 set up 8000MT/year triclosan mainly used in personal care products.


May. 2003 begin to set foot in PCMX.


Jun. 2005 set up 5000MT glycolic acid production line .


Apr. 2006 set up other six fine chemical production lines .


MAy. 2010 establish new production lines for Triclosan,PCMX,PCMC,DCMX


Jan. 2011 start to producing 3-methyl-4-isopropylphenol ./o-Cymen-5-ol


Nov. 2011 was honored as AAA Level Credit Enterprise


Jan. 2012 became China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association member units.


Dec.2012 was awarded as the model unit of Shandong Province enterprise information construction.


Jan. 2013, the Group President was selected as the chairman of Jinan Electronic Commerce Association



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