We can supply antiseptic, an anti-bacteria, an anti inflammation and an anti-ache cosmetic material  Triclosan white powder cas 3380-34-5 cosmetic grade with competitive price, high quality and regular basis.

Specification of Triclosan download

Items Standard
Appearance White or off-white crystal powder
Purity(%) Min.99.5%
Water(%≤) 0.1
Sulphide ash(%≤) 0.1
Melting range(°C) 55.5-57.5
Weight loss(%≤) 0.15
Heavy metal(%≤) 0.002

More About triclosan:

CAS No.: 3380-34-5 Other Names: DP-300 MF: C12H7Cl3O2
EINECS No.: 222-182-2 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Disinfectant and Preservatives
Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade, Medicine Grade Brand Name: ZL Model Number: AYC-002
Purity: Min.99.5%, Min. 99.5% Name: Triclosan CAS #: 3380-34-5
Molecular weigh: 289.5 Molecular formula: C12H7Cl3O2 EINECS #: 222-182-2
Odour: Odorless or slight fragranc

Use Of triclosan:25kgs/drum,9tons/container

Used as the pharmaceutical products, frequently employed as a local antiseptic, an anti-bacteria, an anti inflammation and an anti-ache in toothpastes and body powders.

Cosmetic: as the stabilizer in face cream,lipstick,shampoo,eye shadow.

Pharmaceuticals:Can be used to inhibit bacterial or fungal skin diseases,oral or anus disinfection.

Medicine:as disinfectant for in oral disinfectant,shampoo,toothpaste ect

Industry: as disinfectant in room,clothes

triclosan / Irgasan /TCS replacement update information:

Kindly note:

Now we developed one new product called o-Cymen-5-ol(also called IPMP) cas3228-02-2 and compare to triclosan/Irgasan.

  1. IPMP property is neutral. So it will not harmful for skin.
  1. Triclosan will release carcinogen Dioxin when it exposé in the sun.IPMP dispose is very easy and only have chemical elements C,H,O and will not harmful for environment.
  2. Usage amount: If use Triclosan, the additive amount is 0.5%, however, if use IPMP,only need IPMP 0.1% amount. So if use IPMP, the finial product cost is lower than used Triclosan.

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